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Dr.Kelli DuCloux

Dr. Kelli DuCloux completed her Ph.D. from USC, the University of Southern California, and also possesses two Master's Degrees in Education & Educational Psychology. She has a wealth of experience teaching many topics including Math, Science, and English across all Socio-Economic Statuses and all educational levels, ranging from Kindergarten to College. With her systematic way of breaking down difficult concepts, she retired herself from teaching in the classroom and now has succeeded in helping hundreds of people learn how to make money.

Dr. Kelli's expertise is Stock Options Trading as well as Ecommerce Business Development on Amazon. Her goal is to help people create Generational Wealth for their families while simultaneously living a "Mobile CEO" lifestyle. She has learned that you do NOT have to be tied down to an office to make money --- All you need to make money is a cell phone, laptop, and WiFi. Dr. Kelli shows her clients how to #TravelandTrade by going to different places around the world and helping them make money with just their cell phones.

Her recent travels include Cancun, Mexico; Rome, Italy; Casablanca, Morocco; Tunis, Tunisia; Paris, France; and The Maldives. Her most recent Trading Retreat for clients was held in July of 2020 in Puerto Rico. Recently, Dr. Kelli also began teaching her Wealth Strategies to children, with her youngest student being 7 years old and she is excited to expand her "Jr Stock Options Trading Academy" to more school-aged children because she understands that if we teach this valuable information to children NOW, they will be in a much better position to create Legacy Wealth moving forward

(versus having to look for a job after they finish school).

It is Dr. Kelli's goal to help as many people as possible get a basic understanding of how to invest and start creating Multiple Streams of Income. She has seen her clients now posting their own "Receipts" showing that they have indeed learned a skill set that will enable them to make money

without being tied down to a j-o-b.

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