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Pathway to
$1Million Course

Pathway to $1Million

Welcome to the Course that teaches you the stock market CHEAT CODE to guaranteed wealth. 

Monthly Servicing

This course teaches you how to make income on auto-pilot to the point where you are only checking on it once per month. 


In this Course you'll learn the step-by-step instructions that will earn you money from the stock market. 

Takes 30-min

Your monthly check-in takes 30 minutes or less. That means you can learn to make money EVERY month in the stock market during your lunch break. 

Easy Instruction

Even if you've never invested before, you will EASILY learn these simple 5 steps. You don't have to have prior stock market knowledge. You don't even need to be good at math to start making money.

Guaranteed Commitment

If your goal is to make $1-Million Dollars, you MUST have a plan. You MUST know what to do. And you MUST know that it is NOT an overnight thing. This is NOT get-rich-quick. This is get rich slow and steady. So are you ready for a 20 year commitment to


Grow Your Vision & Your Legacy - With Dr. Kelli

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Learn How to Create 

This "CHEAT CODE" Pathway to $1Million

gives you a step-by-step plan.


All you have to do .... is DO IT!!

Dr. Kelli teaches you:

~ how much you need to start with,

~ where to find the best stocks,


~ why it only takes 30 minutes or less each month.

You'll learn EVERYTHING you need to know....


you can even come back and take

the whole course again for FREE as a refresher!

That's because Dr. Kelli is dedicated to YOUR success!!!

Dr. Kelli's "CHEAT CODE" Pathway to $1Million




to SOTA!

This Course is for people who are dedicated to making their 

lives better by following a consistent  strategy for success. 

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