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Stock Options Trading Academy

Dr. Kelli DuCloux created the Stock Options Trading Academy with the goal to help people

create generational wealth for their families while simultaneously living a "Mobile CEO"

lifestyle. You do NOT have to be tied down to an office to make money.

Our Services


Welcome to Wall Street

- 4-Week Course held live via Zoom w/ Dr.Kelli

- Two Conservative Options Strategies

- Fundamental breakdown

of Stock Options, basic charting with indicators,

and identification of trading style.

Winning on Wall Street

- 8-Week Course held live via Zoom w/ Dr.Kelli

- Five Options Strategies w/ a focus on aggressive strategies

- Builds from the Welcome to Wall Street curriculum to provide a focus on advanced charting analysis and timing techniques.

Wolf of Wall Street

- 12-Week Course held live via Zoom w/ Dr.Kelli

- Eight Options Strategies

- Builds upon the Winning on Wall Street curriculum with a focus on day trading.

-Two "Trade with Me"

Sessions w/ Dr.Kelli.

Are you just starting your journey to learn how to trade in the stock market?
Check out our online
DIY course!

The Vault

Sign up to be a Vault Member! You will gain access to Dr. Kelli DuCloux's curated video lesson library on a range of topics from trading psychology to online resources to help you on your trading journey.